The Chicago Chapter Mentoring program falls under the umbrella of the Midwest Regional Mentoring program. The goal of the Midwest Region, Jackson State University National Alumni Association Alumni-Student Mentoring Program is to encourage the active engagement of our alumni with current students. It offers our students an opportunity to seek knowledge and advice, explore career fields in which they are interested, and build their professional network. It provides alumni with a chance to give back to their alma mater and share invaluable personal and professional experience with future colleagues.

Key objectives for the program include:

•Leveraging personal interactions between alumni and students to enhance self-reflection, communication, and critical thinking skills;
•Empowering students to actively convey their strengths, skills, and values as they pursue internships and careers;
•Positioning alumni and students to be leaders in school and their community.

Mentorship Defined

Mentoring is a learning partnership where a more experienced mentor draws upon their knowledge, skill set, and personal experience to provide guidance and feedback while facilitating the personal growth and development of a less experienced protégé (student). The protégé takes an active role and holds the primary responsibility for their learning and development. The mentor facilitates that growth by asking thought provoking questions, role-modeling behavior, and offering guidance of things to consider when making decisions. The intended outcome is that the protégé gains greater insight and is better prepared to make informed strategic decisions.

To request a mentor, please fill out the Mentee Enrollment Form 


To become a mentor, please fill out the Mentor application,  then email it to Lorri Lanier at

Jackson State University Alumni-Chicago Chapter
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