Membership Dues are due beginning July 1st. The total for dues may vary depending on your membership type:

*Regular: $90.00 ($40 Local and $50 National)
*Life: $40.00 (Local only if you are a Life Member)

If this is your 1st time paying dues and/or you have not yet been assigned a J# by JSU Alumni Affairs. You will need to complete and return the attached membership application once you’ve paid your dues.
You can mail your membership application and dues to:

JSU Chicago Alumni Chapter
P.O. Box 19527
Chicago, IL  60619
You can pay via Credit Card
PayPal (If paying via Pay Pal, please add PayPal fees:

Local Dues: $41.50,National Dues: $51.75,
Local and National Dues: $93.00

If you have questions, please contact: